Squadron Publications M42 Duster Walkaround in Color

Squadron Publications M42 Duster Walkaround in Color


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Based on the Post-War need for a new type of mobile anti-aircraft gun platform to replace the M19 used in WWII and Korea, the US Army hashed out a clever idea: put the best of both worlds together in one package. Take the proven twin 40-mm Bofors turret from the M19; meld that with a modified chassis of the new M41 Walker Bulldog medium tank and you have the M42 Duster. The M42 Duster is one of those AFVs that while not made in great numbers - only 3,700 were built- the Duster did leave its mark in history, not for what it was designed for, that being designed to shoot down aircraft, but for the anti-personnel role in the jungles of Vietnam. By the time Vietnam ended, the Duster's days were numbered. Withdrawn from front-line service, the M42 was given to National Guard units. The last Duster ADA (Aircraft Defense Artillery) unit was the New Mexico National Guard, who finally retired the M42 in 1990.

This 80-page color Walk Around book is chock full of very crisp and colorful pictures, some black/white period photos and the usual one-line sketches. From a modeling point-of-view, this book will help those who want to create a super-detailed model. A brief history introduction gives a quick overview of the M42 development. Captions provide plenty of descriptions and point out various features not commonly known about the Duster. The color plates will give the modeler a few new ideas on possible finishes and MERDC camouflage scheme.