About Us

First of all, this is a fully operational website. The prices are real and every item is in stock on the shelf and ready to ship out. Once an item is sold out, it will be removed from our website. Supplies are very limited. In some cases there might only be one available. There is a strict policy that you can only order one piece per each model kit. This allows everyone a chance to get one and stops hoarding by eBay stores. If you attempt to buy more that one piece of any item, your order will be modified to show only one piece of that item.

Two years ago, we made the mistake of allowing one of our distributors to list their closeouts on our website. This caused a problem when they failed to notify us when they sold out of an item. We were then unable to fulfill orders for those items. This is the main reason we are only listing items that are in stock at our warehouse ready to ship out.

Model Kit Closeouts has only one objective. We want to offer our customers amazing savings on a huge selection of great brand new hobby kits.