Dragon 1/35 Heuschrecke IVb Grasshopper Tank w/10.5cm leFH18 Gun Kit


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Heuschrecke (translated as “Grasshopper”) might be a mouthful for some, but it’s certainly more concise than 10.5cm leFH18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger GW IVb! This lengthy nomenclature refers to a special self-propelled howitzer based on the chassis of the ubiquitous Panzer IV tank. It featured a 10.5cm gun mounted in a turret with 360º traverse. However, this Grasshopper had a special ability up its sleeve. The vehicle had a lifting gantry installed on the superstructure rear that could remove the turret and emplace it on the ground. Alternatively, the turret could be placed on a wheeled carriage and towed behind the vehicle. This then allowed the Grasshopper to act as an ammunition carrier. This was a novel idea but it didn’t really catch on for obvious reasons, with just three prototypes built in 1943.
  • Converted 10.5cm leFH18 gun plus StuH 42 gun mount specially designed for Grasshopper are carefully reproduced
  • Turret has exquisite interior detail
  • Turret realistically designed to allow movement – 360° traverse, gun elevation & depression or can be dismounted as a field gun
  • Turret mounting-pad can be installed on vehicle or emplaced on the ground with turret
  • Wheels for turret mounting-pad have assembly option – mounted on pad or on rear of vehicle
  • Lifting gantry for dismounting turret is a fully movable design
  • Fighting compartment interior represented in detail – ammo rack, gunpowder storage
  • Battery in fighting compartment can be represented with door closed
  • Includes Gen2 equipment for interior
  • Upper hull rendered in fine detail
  • Brand new extended chassis with precise dimensions
  • Lower hull is slide molded with authentic details
  • Exhaust pipe delicately recreated
  • Left and right sprocket wheels are different to mimic this feature on real vehicle
  • Sprocket wheels w/multiple delicate parts
  • Road wheels and suspension are finely detailed
  • 40cm Magic Tracks
  • Idler wheels w/detailed parts
  • Securing spikes for dismounted turret are slide molded
  • Bonus ammunition included