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The USS Intrepid was the third ship in the Essex-class ordered and laid down before the US entered World War II. After the war, Intrepid was mothballed until 1952, when she was transferred to Newport News for a complete overhaul under SCB-27C which removed the gun turrets from her deck, replaced the flight deck with a much stronger structure, upgraded the elevators for greater lift capacity, incorporated steam catapults and stronger arresting gear, all of which allowed for operating the new generation of jet aircraft. These modifications were completed in 1954 and Intrepid was reclassified as CVA 11.

In 1956, Intrepid arrived in Brooklyn Navy Yard to receive SCB-125 which enclosed her bow and added an angled flight deck for recovering aircraft. Back in service in 1957, Intrepid conducted Operation Crosswind to assess the effects of cross-winds on catapult launches. In 1962, Intrepid was back at Norfolk and was reclassified as CVS-11. Intrepid was the last ship through the New York Naval Shipyard receiving SCB-144 (FRAM II) in 1965, and with the yard closing before work was completed, Intrepid finished the refit in New Jersey. With SCB-144, Intrepid received the distinctive SQS-23 bow-mounted sonar dome.

USS Intrepid began the first of three Vietnam cruises as an auxiliary attack carrier in 1966 with Carrier Air Wing 10 (CVW-10) embarked. The final cruise ended in 1969 and Intrepid returned to Atlantic and Mediterranean operations before her decommissioning in 1974.

Features and Options:

  • Full-hull design with separate SQS-23 dome on bow (hinting at other versions coming in the future)
  • Very straightforward construction
  • Awesome photo-etched details under the elevators
  • Positionable forward flight deck elevator
  • Positionable port side elevator
  • Positionable aft-starboard elevator
  • Positionable crane
  • Photo-etched radar dishes
  • 4 x A-4B/C Skyhawk
  • 2 x E-1B Tracer
  • 4 x A-1H/J Skyraider (identified in instructions as EA-1F)
  • 4 x F-8C Crusader
  • 4 x UH-2B Seasprite