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The USS New York LPD 21 is the fifth ship in the San Antonio class of amphibious transport dock vessels and the seventh ship to bear the name 'New York'. The San Antonio class represents a new generation amphibious assault vessels which bring together a number of modern technologies as well as the functionality performed by several different classes of assault vessels previously. The key features of the San Antonio class include a hull and superstructure design that reduces radar cross-section, a large flight deck on the stern, and the ability to submerge itself a number of feet to bring sea level up inside the well deck and allow LCACs, amphibious vehicles, patrol vessels, and other craft to enter, dock, and depart the interior of the ship. A rear ramp and door are built into the stern to enclose the interior while underway and open to provide exterior access to the submerged well deck, or alternatively allow the LCACs to hover up the ramp out of the ocean and into a dry well deck.

Construction of the USS New York began after the attacks on the World Trade Center and over seven tons of steel from the remains of the twin towers was used to build this ship. The construction contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana and was under construction at the time of Hurricane Katrina. The ship was launched in December of 2007 and commissioned in early November 2009. At the time of this review, the USS New York and her crew are assigned to the Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility (Arabian Gulf/Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean).

Features and Options:

  • Detailed well deck and staging area
  • Positionable ramp and door on the stern
  • Positionable crane
  • Positionable hangar door w/detailed hangar bay
  • Catwalks around flight deck with PE railings
  • Detailed dual integrated masts
  • RHIB boats stowed in open starboard bay and midships
  • Photo-etched vents on funnel
  • Ship's self-defense details around the vessel
  • Full-hull display with stand and ID plate

Combat Vehicles

  • 2 x AAV-7

Landing Craft

  • 2 x LCAC
  • 1 x LCU


  • 2 x AH-1W Cobra
  • 2 x UH-1N Iroquois
  • 2 x CH-46 Sea Knight
  • 2 x MV-22 Osprey
  • 2 x CH-53E Sea Stallion