Gecko 1/35 US Army LARC-V Amphibious Cargo Vehicle Vietnam War Kit


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The LARC (Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo) is an amphibious vehicle developed in the U.S. Equipped with screw propellers for water and tires for land, this vehicle has a higher amphibious navigation capacity and loading capacity than conventional amphibious vehicles, mainly used for transporting personnel and supplies from offshore amphibious ships to the coast. The LARC is divided into three types according to the weight it can carry. The LARC-V is the smallest five-ton model that began development in 1956 and was introduced in 1963; in 1965, it entered service in the Vietnam War, used by the U.S. Army for ammunition supply and more. Vehicles that have been donated or sold to allies, used by the military and then sold to the private sector are still used for tourism.