Hobby Boss 1/18 Me262A-1A Schwalbe (Swift) Jet Fighter Kit

Hobby Boss 1/18 Me262A-1A Schwalbe (Swift) Jet Fighter Kit



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As the world's first practical jet fighter, Messerschmitt's Me262 was one of the most advanced aircraft of its time.

Development of the Me262 began in early 1938, with the first prototype flying in April 1941, (propelled by a piston engine), and the first jet-propelled version in July 1942.

Full-scale production of the Me262 began in November 1943, but it could not enter military service soon for two reasons, one political and the other technical. The political factor was that the aircraft was ordered to be converted to a fast bomber rather than a fighter, and the ME262 was not officially licensed as a fighter until late 1944 and early 1945; the technical issues were reliability and jet engines lifespan. Its engine life is only about 10 flight hours, and it has never been reached. The main production models of the Me262 are the Me262A-1A "Swift" air defense fighter and the Me262A-2A "Stormbird" bomber. In addition, some variants were produced that installed other weapons.

Despite some problems, more than 1400 Me262s were produced and entered service in large numbers. Although it was not as easy to fly as piston-engined fighters, it still outperformed other fighters of its time, and there are still some remaining aircraft in museums around the world.