Hobby Boss 1/35  IDF PUMA Armored Combat Engineering Vehicle Kit

Hobby Boss 1/35 IDF PUMA Armored Combat Engineering Vehicle Kit



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The Israeli "Puma" combat engineer vehicle, which joined the army around 1991, was modified from the chassis of the "Centurion" tank. It can carry 3 crew members and 5 engineers to clear the obstacles of bomb clearance. The weapon station on the roof can be installed with either a 7.62mm or a 12.7mm machine gun. Three additional machine guns can be installed in the roof hatch, and a 60mm mortar can be installed in the crew compartment. Earlier models retained the power unit and suspension system of the Centurion tank. Later models adopted the "Merkava -1/2." The power unit and suspension system of the tank allow for travel at about 28 miles per hour.

The front of the vehicle can be installed with a "Nochri Degem Dalet" heavy-duty roller-type demining device. The mine-sweeping roller is a track-width mine-sweeping roller, which is used to detonate all mines in the area it passes through. The "CARPET" cloud-burst mine clearance system developed by Rafael is installed at the rear of the vehicle. The system looks like a square water tank and is not conspicuous. But the launch process was spectacular. The "CARPET" system has three working modes: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. In dangerous areas, the occupants can launch it remotely from inside the vehicle.

In the 2006 Lebanon War, the Israel Defense Forces faced advanced Russian "Cornet" anti-tank missiles. 14 "Achizarit" armored personnel carriers and "Puma" combat engineer vehicles were hit, but only 7 soldiers were killed. Thus confirming the super survivability of this series of armored vehicles.