Hobby Boss 1/35 Soviet T-37A Tank Podolsk Kit

Hobby Boss 1/35 Soviet T-37A Tank Podolsk Kit


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The T-37A was a Soviet amphibious light tank. The tank was first created in 1932, based on the British Vickers tankette and other operational amphibious tanks. The T-37A was the first series of mass-produced fully amphibious tanks in the world.

In the Red Army, they were used to perform tasks in communication, reconnaissance, and as defense units on the march, as well as active infantry support on the battlefield. The T-37A was used in large numbers during the Soviet invasion of Poland and in the Winter War against Finland. The T-37 A was also used by the Soviets at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, but most of them were quickly lost. Surviving tanks of that type fought on the front lines until 1944 and were used in training and auxiliary defense until the end of World War II.