ICM 1/35 Soviet AC40-137A Fire Truck Kit

ICM 1/35 Soviet AC40-137A Fire Truck Kit



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ZiL-131 was the main all-road Soviet Army truck of the 70’s – the ’80s. Its serial production was launched in 1967. This truck featured high reliability and all-road abilities.

The basic model was used mainly as personnel transport or a 5-ton cargo truck.

On the basis of the ZiL-131 chassis, numerous special machines were built, both for the army and for civilian use.

One of them was a fire truck. AC-40-137A modification was carried out by the Pryluky fire-fighting equipment plant in 1984. It was distinguished by a tank volume increased by 100 liters and control of the fire monitor from the cabin.

Trucks of this type are still massively used in fire departments of the countries of the former USSR.