Minairons 1/100 Spanish Civil War: Panzer I Ausf A Tank (5) Plastic Kit


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A boxed set containing 5 fast assembly plastic model kits. Each sprue consists of 10 parts –2 of which are alternative turrets for the tank. Decal sheet with national markings for several early German, Kuomintang Chinese and Spanish Nationalist vehicles. Assembly instructions and Painting scheme-based in Vallejo range, on box reverse.

    Panzer I modificadoT

    The 20mm Breda gun version of this tank was a Spanish Nationalist homemade improvement, aimed at increasing its firepower face to the powerful guns of Republican armor. Directions for such upgrading were given by August 1937, and little later the first prototypes were approved for production. These directions also provided one such "modificado" (="modified") tanks had to be assigned to each standard Panzer section. However, no more than 4 of them were produced, partly due to the opposition of German representatives, partly to the increasing rate of T-26 captures. A small number of standard Panzer I Ausf A were also supplied by Germany to the Chinese Army - around ten, it seems. They were used in the Battle of Nanjing (Nov. - Dec. 1937). Those not destroyed by enemy anti-tank weapons were captured by the Japanese.