MPC 1/48 1999 Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama w/Bonus 1/24 Moon Buggy Kit


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In Space: 1999, the series’ 1st episode showcases Nuclear Waste Area #2 as one of the settings of adventure. The storage area on the dark side of the moon was illuminated by lamps mounted along a laser fence that defined its cross-shaped periphery. Alphan personnel, transported by six-wheeled moon buggies, inspected the field’s cone-shaped control units. This kit from MPC presents a set of models authentically based on the miniatures and vehicles used in the television adventure. A “plug & play” light kit is included to light all 8 lampstands. It is compatible with the 22” Eagle Transporter model kit (available now!). Multiple sets can be combined to create a larger display of the area. 

•  2 Moon buggies with cargo
•  2 Nuclear Waste Control Cones
•  2 Waste Containment Platforms
•  8 Hexagonal Storage Boxes
•  8 Lamp Posts with plug & play LED lights! (requires 4 AA batteries)
•  2 Lamp Post Bases
•  10 Figures 
•  Large decal sheet and full color paint and decal guide 
•  BONUS 1/24 scale moon buggy with figures