Hobby Boss 1/350 French Navy Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Voltaire Kit


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The Voltaire was launched on January 16 , 2009. At the beginning of World War I, she took part in the unsuccessful search operation and some escort operations for the German battlecruiser Goeben and the light cruiser Breslau in the western Mediterranean. The rest of the time a war blockade was carried out in the Straits of Otranto and the Dardanelles to prevent German, Austro-Hungarian, and Turkish warships from entering the Mediterranean. Voltaire was hit by two torpedoes fired by the German submarine U48 in October 1918 but was not seriously damaged. After the war, the ship was modernized from 1923 to 1925 and later became a training ship. She was sold for scrap after decommissioning in 1935 and broke up in 1939