Tamiya 1/35 French B1bis Battle Tank w/Single Motor Kit

Tamiya 1/35 French B1bis Battle Tank w/Single Motor Kit


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This is a “motorized” ver

sion of the previously released model kit of the French Battle Tank B1 bis. The motorized version allows the modeler to enjoy and experience the excitement of seeing this detailed model kit in motion!

Upon the outbreak of WWII, B1 bis tanks stood in the way of German armies determined to strike a crushing blow against France on her own soil. The B1 bis entered production in 1937 and was an upgraded version of the original 1920s-designed Char B1. The rivet-joined hull-mounted a short-barreled 75mm howitzer, while a small, one-man turret carried a longer-barreled 47mm tank gun.

The B1 bis was one of the most heavily armored tanks of its time, with plating that was 60mm thick in places, amply capable of defending it against anti-tank fire such as that from 37mm Pak guns. It could more than hold its own against individual German tanks and was greatly feared by enemy soldiers who encountered it.
  • Depicts the tank's tall profile, 75mm gun and side armor panels covering suspension mechanism.
  • Hull parts are made using slide molding and feature accurately depicted hex bolts.
  • Single motor gearbox enables forward movement and is pre-assembled to save time on construction.
  • Realistic link type assembly tracks handle the movement of the model, and also offer easy assembly.
  • Commander's and driver's periscopes are moveable, as is the 75mm main gun.
  • Two types of fenders and exhausts.
  • Includes one tank commander figure.
  • 4 marking options
  • Color painting guide