Tankograd Military Vehicle Special: Dingo 1 All-Protected Transport Vehicle in Modern German Army Service


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Long before the now ubiquitous MRAPs found their way into the motor pools for example of the US Army or the British Army the German Bundeswehr introduced the All-Protected Transport Vehicle ATF Dingo 1. The ATF Dingo 1 was built to offer the German soldiers on missions abroad an ideal combination of mine protection, armor protection and speed. With the new vehicle, it was possible to close the tactical gap between the Wolf light off-road vehicle and the Fuchs armored car. This publication tells the development history of the ATF Dingo 1, illustrates its technical features and shows its variants such as the EMU and the Kuckuck. First and foremost, however, it shows the Dingo 1 in action in Germany and abroad. 
  • Paperback
  • 139 color photographs 
  • 64 Pages