Hobby Boss 1/700 USS Arizona Kit

Hobby Boss 1/700 USS Arizona Kit



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USS Arizona was the second battleship in the Pennsylvania class. Construction started in March 1914, launched in June 1915, and commissioned in October 1916, but its contribution to the First World War was to carry US President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference in November 1918. 

In the Pearl Harbor incident on December 7, 1941, a total of 1177 people were killed on the ship, accounting for half of the total death toll at Pearl Harbor, of which 945 were still in the hull, and then Arizona was written off in the Pacific Fleet, and its superstructures were all Dismantled, partly used as a coastal defense, partly used for other ships, the hull remains underwater in situ. In May 1962, President Kennedy designated the sinking site of the USS Arizona as a national cemetery and established a memorial on the water where it sank.