ICM 1/48 WWII German Do215B5 Night Fighter

ICM 1/48 WWII German Do215B5 Night Fighter



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At the beginning of the 30s appeared the conception of a high-speed bomber that could outstrip contemporary fighters. One of these bombers was a German aircraft Dornier Do 17. The first flight of the Do17V-1 that was announced as a passenger plane, took place in November 1934.

The modification Do 17Z with the new “Waffenkopf” nose part of fuselage and radial engines appeared at the end of 1938.

Since the beginning of 1940, it produced a small number of Do 215 planes that differed from the installation of liquid-cooled DB 601A engines. In 1941 it began production of night fighter modification – Do 215B-5. In these planes with powerful armament, FuG 202 Lichtenstein radars were installed. They served in the night fighter unit II/NJG 1 up to the beginning of 1944.